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Record the first game of high school Our high school tradition is to have the so-called Orientation Cup every year, that is, the high school, high school, high school, and three levels play each other, a total of three games, because I play in the high school department most frequently with the group of high school and high school people. Yes, so they asked me to organize the freshman guys to make this lineup We played in the third year of high school for the first time. When I went to organize people, it was only two days before that game. At that time, I called the classmates who usually played in spare time, and then stood on the sidelines like a scout watching them play. It really felt like a professional coach. I was investigating the players [cover my face] In the end, I successfully ranked the strongest seven-man starter in my heart (we played seven-a-side). I played the goalkeeper myself, but when I When I told this group of people about my decision, many of them who did not have a starter had already written their dissatisfaction on their faces. Fortunately, the overall quality of our school is relatively high, and they only have some words. Dissatisfaction. At that time, I felt for the first time that when the coach of the team told the players about the starting lineup in the locker room, the inner feeling was that the coach of the real team had already established his own prestige among the players, and me and this Helping classmates is just an equal relationship anyway. I can't control them at all. At this time, I suddenly felt that what I had played in the fm game, the communication skills between coaches and players, and the XX team in real life news The dressing room is out of control and so on, it turns out that tm is true! When it comes to the day of the game, this team is no longer in my control. The team’s lineup is basically determined by their own discussions, including various substitution adjustments, which are also very active in the team. People are directing those who are more reserved and quiet. Under these conditions, our game started. I had heard before that the strength of this senior year was very strong. Before the game, I also accidentally heard several senior students say, "It is still useful to play this group of senior year Warm up? Just go straight up." But at that time I didn’t know what was waiting for us In the first three minutes of the game, they scored the first goal, and then they began to maintain a steady efficiency of scoring a goal during this period, and the final result was 9 to O. [Thanks] [天][谢][地] Seriously, I think my performance is pretty good, I can’t remember how many times they shot on target, but I think if there is a post-match score, I am definitely The highest "weak team going out goalkeeper" sentence in the team, I can finally understand firsthand I don’t know if you have the feeling of being beaten by others. For me, when the opponent scores about the fourth or fifth goal, I already start to laugh. At that time, the winning or losing of the game is not important to me. The only thing that disgusted me was that those on the sidelines who didn't understand football laughed loudly there. I was also in my life, and for the first time in my life, I understood how much fan booing had an impact on the players on the field. In short, after this game, I feel like I've grown up

记录高中的第一场比赛 我们的高中传统是每年举办一次“定向杯”,即高中,高中,高中和三个级别互相比赛,总共三lol赛事投注场比赛,因为我在高中部门玩最常见的是一群高中生和高中生。是的,所以他们要我组织新生来做这个阵容 我们第一次参加高中三年级。当我去组织人们时,那场比赛只有两天了。那时,我打电话给通常在业余时间玩耍的同学,然后像侦察员一样站在场边观看他们的比赛。真的感觉像是一位专业教练。我正在调查球员[遮住脸]最后,我成功地排名了我心目中最强的七人首发(我们打了七人制)。我自己打了守门员,但是当我告诉这群人关于我的决定时,许多没有先发球员的人已经在脸上写下了自己的不满。幸运的是,我们学校的整体素质相对较高,只有一句话。不满意。那时,我第一次感到,当团队的教练告诉球员更衣室的起跑阵容时,内心的感觉是,真正的团队的教练已经在球员中建立了自己的声望,我和这个帮助同学反正是平等的关系。我根本无法控制他们。这时,我突然觉得我在fm游戏中玩过的东西,教练与球员之间的沟通技巧以及XX现实生活中的团队的消息更衣室失控了,等等,事实证明tm是真正! 说到比赛的日子,这个团队不再由我控制。团队的阵容基本上由他们自己的讨论决定,包括各种换人调整,这些调整在团队中也非常活跃。人们在指导那些更内向买lol比赛的软件叫什么和安静的人。 在这种情况下,我们的游戏开始了。我以前听说过这个高年级的实力非常强。在比赛开始之前,我还偶然听到了几位大四学生说:“这组大四学生热身还是有用的? 但是那时我不知道是什么在等我们 在比赛的前三分钟,他们打进了第一个进球,然后他们开始保持稳定的进球效率,最终结果是9比0。[谢谢] [天] [谢] [地]认真地说,我认为我的表现非常出色,我不记得他们有多少次射中目标,但是我认为如果有赛后得分,我无疑是最高的“弱队淘汰门将”团队中的一句话,我终于可以直接了解 我不知道你是否有被别人殴打的感觉。对我来说,当对手得分达到第四或第五个进球时,我已经开始大笑。那时,游戏的输赢买lol比赛的软件叫什么对我来说并不重要。唯一令我感到恶心的是那些不了解足球的人在场外大笑。我也是一生,这是我一生中第一次,球迷嘘声对现场球员产生了很大影响。 简而言之,在这场比赛之后,我觉得自己已经长大了

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