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Even if you still doubted Guashuai’s remarks before this night, you will now start singing "Conquer" to Bielsa, this slightly paranoid Argentine, this lunatic who cannot be compared with the top coaches in honor. With the football philosophy of "kill the enemy or be killed by the enemy", it only took four rounds of the Premier League game to let the world know that it is amazing from the heart: it turns out that football can still be played like this.


Marcelo Bielsa, he is a madman and a godfather. The only constant is the pursuit of pure football philosophy. You may not understand him, but you will be amazed by him. When the contradiction is concentrated in one person, The evaluation of him is destined to show a trend of polarization.

Marcelo Bielsa,他是一个疯子和一个教父。唯一不变的是对纯足球哲学的追求。您可能不了解他,但您会对他感到惊讶。当矛盾集中在一个人身上时,对他的评价注定会显示出两极分化的趋势。

Like Bielsa itself, it was legendary from the beginning. He was born in a prominent family in Argentina. There are many politicians among his relatives. However, when he was a child, Bielsa sneered at the term civil servants. The words "coach, I want to play football" came out of his mouth, and then he played four times. After the game, he announced his retirement, and then began the transformation from a physical education teacher to a football coach.

就像Bielsa本身一样,它从一开始就是传奇。他出生在阿根廷的一个著名家庭。他的亲戚中有很多政客。但是,比尔萨小时候就嘲笑公务员一词。 “教练,我想踢足球”这句话从他的嘴里冒出来,然后他踢了四次。赛后,他宣布退休,然后开始从体育老师转变为足球教练。

At the age of 25, Bielsa brought a college team to tie the Boca Youth Reserve. Such a crazy feat won him the offer of the youth team coach of the parent team, Newell Old Boys. Such an unbelievable plot seems to be just an episode of Bielsa’s coaching career. He then traveled all over Argentina and became the Bole of Pochettino and Batistuta. As for Pochettino more than once, he said: "Bielsa is me. Life mentor."


Although Bielsa has already embarked on the road of coaching in the 1980s, he was really well-known at the turn of the century. After passing Newell, Atlas and Bansfield, he won the Argentine national team. After that, a team with superstars such as Zanetti, Veron, Caniggia, Simeone, Pochettino, Aimar, Batistuta, etc., became a lingering Chinese fan in the memory. Go gorgeous incarnation.


Yes, a team playing the 3313 formation, a team that combines football tactics and passion, a team that is pleasing to the eye, not attacking or giving up, successfully won numerous fans in the world preliminaries, and then fell in In the World Cup group stage-this contrast seems to be the epitome of Bielsa's coaching career, passion and rebellion coexist, passion and sadness flying together.


In fact, the 65-year-old Bielsa has only won the 2004 Olympic Men's Football Championship and the British Championship last season in his coaching career so far, but this does not prevent his followers everywhere. In Mexico, the youth training system he left behind is still playing a role today; in Argentina, the Pampas Eagle he built is still an eternal classic in the memory of fans; in Chile, he has honed a team that can be called the golden generation In England, he fulfilled Leeds United’s dream of returning to the Premier League.


If you have watched the football documentary "Take Us Home" about Leeds United, you will be more aware of the unique charm of Bielsa. At the beginning of the story, the top of the club spent a lot of time to sign this "weird character" lunatic , And Bielsa has already understood everything about the team. With the highest annual salary in Leeds United's history, Bielsa has only one goal-to bring the white rose to bloom again and return to his place.

如果您观看了有关利兹联的足球纪录片“带我们回家”,您将更加意识到比尔萨的独特魅力。在故事的开始,俱乐部的高层花费了很多时间来签约这个“怪异的角色”疯子,而贝尔萨已经了解了球队的一切。 Bielsa拥有利兹联队历史上最高的年薪,只有一个目标,那就是让白玫瑰再次绽放并回到自己的位置。

When the passionate and wild lunatic coach meets the passionate young guards, the story is destined to burst out wonderfully-although the journey is also twists and turns. In the 2018/19 season, Leeds United collapsed at the final stage, and finally fell on the way to super play-offs; in the 2019/20 season, Bielsa and White Rose did not allow the tragedy to reappear, and entered the Premier League in an irrefutable manner. In the first game of the Premier League, the newly promoted team tied the defending champion Liverpool three times, allowing the Reds to work hard to win 4-3.

当热情而狂野的疯子教练遇到热情洋溢的年轻后卫时,这个故事注定会精彩地爆发,尽管旅途也是曲折的。在2018/19赛季,利兹联队在最后阶段崩溃,并最终跌入超级附加赛。在2019/20赛季,贝尔萨(Bielsa)和白玫瑰(White Rose)不允许悲剧再次出现,并以无可辩驳的方式进入英超联赛。在英超联赛的第一场比赛中,这支新晋升的球队三度与卫冕冠军利物浦并列,让红军努力工作以4-3获胜。

Lost Liverpool 3-4 in the first round, and narrowly beat Fulham 4-3 in the second round. This is indeed in line with Bielsa's football style-if it fails to bloom, it will be completely destroyed. The high pressure of the audience and the fast offense like lightning and flint, so that Bielsa's team is always suffocating, but because of this, his disciples always have physical problems at the end of the season. Hidden dangers for good grades.


Some people are pursuing the Shura field of success and fame, and some people's ideals are the arena of pleasure and enmity, but who said that pleasure and enmity cannot be achieved? After the game with Leeds United, Manchester City general Sterling said: "I prefer to play against a team like Leeds United, rather than those teams with 11 people in the backcourt." Only Bielsa can make A newly promoted horse worth only nearly one-eighth of Manchester City, and the super blue moon needle point to the Maimang.


So, if you just want to experience the charm of football, go to see Bielsa football. The white rose may not bloom forever, but as long as it is blooming, it will be extremely gorgeous. Just like Bielsa's philosophy, it either falls into silence or vents wantonly. This is about football, the simplest and most primitive charm, isn't it?


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